Anelli Cleopatra
Collane Cleopatra

AG2009 srl is an Italian based company characterized by artisan production of silver, bronze and brass jewelry.

The company operates in Trissino (Vicenza) and among the years has earned a solid position in international markets through the development of continuous and intense business relationships.

The emblematic choice of manufacturing a wide range of products using different raw materials, together with short lead-time, punctual deliveries and a strong competitiveness compared to similar productions, have been the key points in its development, especially in the US market.

The push towards progressive specialization has generated a great operational flexibility, a winning weapon for consolidating and expanding future market positions.
Its main goal has always been, and always will be, to focus on the Made in Italy quality concept and the maximum satisfaction of the end customer.


AG2009 srl

Via Postale Vecchia, 120
36070 Trissino (Vicenza)

Tel. +39 0445 960063
Fax +39 0445 960294